Monthly Archives: May 2016

Updated Message for HUB Sub. Plan

Spied this on a recent announcement from a State agency on HUB Subcontracting Plans. Hopefully this message becomes more wide-spred, reports are that prme contractors might not actually be making a good-faith effort to notify HUB company of sub-contracting opportunities:

“Failure to submit a completed HSP shall result in the bid, proposal or other expression of interest to be considered NON-RESPONSIVE. If you will be conducting an outreach notification, please note that a 7 working day notification is required to a minimum of three (3) Texas Certified HUBs and two (2) minority trade or business development centers in Texas. The 7 day requirement does not include the first day of notification, weekends, state or federal holidays, the first day of notification (considered to be “day zero”) prior to submitting your bid response to the agency, or days when the agency is declared closed by the executive director. Please not that phone logs are no longer acceptable documentation of good faith effort. Only fax, email and written correspondence are acceptable.”